Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Happy Feels Like

A couple of days ago I was heading for the kitchen door to go outside and I had this thought:  Maybe I'm happy.  If you knew me well, you'd know that my preferred state of mind is to be disconcerted - just a trifle perplexed and annoyed and picking the scab over some event I should have let go.  But that day, I was  alert, purposeful and satisfied.  Happy.  What's more, I had been "happy" for several days. Most of us associate being happy with that delirious "i just won the lottery," or "I met the man of my dreams," or "I sold my book," euphoria that soon evaporates and sometimes leaves a numb aftermath.  This was a calm sustainable happiness.

This happiness was more of the slow understanding that perhaps I had finally hit on a combination of activities that made me feel purposeful.   Publishing my writing on all the ebook platforms and learning   good ways to market the books seems to be what I have been wanting to do most of my life.  This sounds dramatic but is not meant to be. In a very simplistic way,  my prayers have been answered.  I like to write, I like to sell things and I like to share the ideas I glean from daily life.  I'm writing my books, selling them and, with this blog, sharing the thoughts I glean from daily life.

We don't always recognize answered prayers because they didn't come in the package we were expecting but keep checking to see if they didn't come in a better package.

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