Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An apology

Today, I'm blogging about life, not books.  I had to apologize today and instead of just focusing on the "I'm sorry," I focused on the person who was receiving the apology.  I wanted to search my internal settings and find out what I thought of the person and that would dictate the nature of my apology.  The aggregate of my file on the person was eye-opening.  I respected the person.  I admired the way the person went about his work and life.  I admired the work ethic.  I admired his ability to do hard things without complaint.  I would not have spent this time compiling a dossier if an apology wasn't necessary.  Something good came out of careless and hurtful behavior.

I recommend this procedure whenever an apology is in order.  An apology should be sincere.  It shouldn't just be blurted out as a self-serving "get out of trouble" or "do not go to jail" card.  That's it.  That's what I learned today.

I also have four new sales in my Amazon kindle store.  But here's an interesting aside.  At Smashwords, they have an option when you set your price to have the customer decide how much they want to pay.
I gave that option to my new collection of short stories Spellcheck Nation.  But the customer didn't pay anything.  Does that mean he didn't like what he read?  Hope not.  I liked all those stories.

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