Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The DeVine Ms. K

I just saw Kelly DeVine at the Hamptons Film Festival.  She is doing for dormant dvd's what Amazon is doing for dormant books - getting them back in the marketplace.  She said she met with the Amazon people and asked them:  what business are you in?  Their answer:  We are in the service business.  We service customers. Good answer.   Kelly Devine gave me a great marketing tip.  She told me that instead of just sitting in my little office on Sherrill Road with the shades down I had to go further afield and post comments on any reasonable site where I could make a contribution. I took Kelly's advice and posted on the website of a couple of films that related to one of my books and here's what happened: Two friend requests showed up.  One is a Yale professor and the other goes by the name of Actionman Jackson.  Both are serious, smart people and committed political activists.  Thank you, Kelly.

Kelly also told me about, a device that instantly relays any responses to your post.    Is it good to know everything instantly, all the time?   The routine now for pregnant women is to look in regularly on the gestating child and see what the baby is doing.  A friend just told me that his gestating baby is sucking his thumb and hiccoughing.  I say, leave those babies in peace.  This is their last chance at privacy.

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