Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I learned to do an RSS feed

Last night at about 11 p.m. I decided the cover of my new Kindle book, Spellcheck Nation, needed more legible lettering.  My son had created a fabulous cover of a tattered flag, tied to a crooked stick, stuck in  desolate craggy terrain.  It reminded me of Eddy Izzards monologue on how England just sticks a flag in any world spot and declares "I now declare this land belongs to England."

We cobbled a more legible cover over the phone.  He e-mailed it to me, I uploaded it to my Smashwords page (what I like about Smashwords, unlike Amazon, is that it instantly plugs in changes without putting the book in "review" again.  I guess they want to be sure you didn't sneak in a picture of Hilary and Barak hugging and kissing.   In less than a minute, we saw the thumbnail of the new cover.  After that I thought I would tackle figuring out how to attach an RSS feed to this blog so it would show up on my Author page at Amazon.  Unlike Goodreads that took my blog with a web address, Amazon wanted a RSS URL.
Last week, I could have figured out how to do a frontal lobotomy before I could find a RSS URL  But now, energized by my adeptness at plugging in a new cover, I tackled the job.  Amazon has met up with the likes of me before and it gave me lots of hints and examples of what that type of url might look like.  After four tries I hit on the magic combination. This will be the first blog that appears on my Amazon Author page.  I don't know how to drive traffic to my Author Page or my books or this blog. There has not been one comment to this blog and I don't have any fans or followers.  Maybe one day when a person lands here by accident they will like it and tell another person.
 I did buy into two small promotions on the Kindleboards that will run in November and January.  I've sold four books in October and that is pretty good for me.Now let's see if this post shows up over at Amazon.

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