Saturday, October 2, 2010

The dreaded brown bar

Yesterday I went to my reports page in my Kindlebooks account where they show how many books you have sold and there was a dreaded brown bar with this ghastly message "No sales this period."  I knew that I had sold some books and I knew that I had earned about twenty dollars (don't scoff that was my initial two weeks.) Now it seemed it was all a cruel hoax.  I hadn't sold anything.

None of this was true, of course.  It was simply the first day of the month and all reports went back to 0. Later in the day I had a sale of "One Hundred Open  Houses" and it made me very happy to see white instead of brown and that neat little 1 under "units sold."  I am particularly gratified that One Hundred Open Houses is my bestseller.  This was a book suggested by my agent at a time in my life when I had not asked my brain to do anything more than watch repeats of "Deal or No Deal" on the Game Show Channel.
 The idea of writing an entire book was not only beyond my mental ability but also my physical ability because I had developed senior  AADD.  That translates into an inability to sit still for more than three to five minutes before flitting off to do some non-sequential chore that I had not thought of until that moment.  It was fear, pure and simple, that strapped me to the computer until I finished the assignment and One Hundred Open Houses, a book of real estate and life, was born.  My agent promised that the publishing world would snap up this little wonder book.  The publishing world read the manuscript, lauded the concept and writing and ultimately passed on purchasing the book.  NOW that I AM the publisher and can sell my writing without the constraints of traditional publishing, halleluiah, One Hundred Open Houses gets the most sample downloads on Smashwords (more on that later) and has the most sales on Amazon.

So once again OHOH has saved me from despair.  Some wonderful e-reader saw fit to purchase this title  and get rid of the brown bar of shame.  Thank you, stranger.

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