Sunday, February 12, 2012

John Q. Public never disappoints

(Readers weigh in on Yahoo News: “Biggest Winners in Grammy History”
Here are some comments left under the pre-Grammy story on Yahoo.)

Why does yahoo put up any lack of research

Vince Gill - 20 Grammys and Led Zepplin - 0? Who is judging the Grammys, Roseanne Barr? Beyonce deserves 4 Grammys? Then Paul McCartney deserves 400 Grammys made out of solid diamonds.

More dust collectors.

Let us worship the ungodly child molester 4 ever.

By the looks of you I would trust my kids with Michael before you. Read the facts, you idiot.

The Grammys have become a vehicle that does nothing but “shine on” black people into thinking their (sic) getting a fair shake in the industry. Most of the awards go to blacks. That being said, why do we also need a “black music” awards show?

I love Beyonceeeeeee.

Beyonce? Please! Eric Clapton! Only 3 time Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee! A winner should be able to write their own material. Maybe (but not necessarily) play an instrument.

Off subject:
OBUMA (sic) HATES --check the TRUTH. How many children must DIE under this baffoon?(sic)

what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and in the end lose his very soul.

BLANKET? really?

milly vanilli won a freakin grammy, nuff said.

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