Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Publication Day - It's exciting, reflective, frightening - all those things

In April of 2014, I was "discovered" by Amazon and they re-published my historical novel, Three Daughters.  Since November of that year, the book has sold over 200,000 copies and received 2300 reviews, the majority of them five stars. (Although one woman said it was the best book she had ever read and gave it one star.  I wonder if she was being sarcastic or just thought one star was the best.) The book was originally published by Delacorte Press almost twenty years ago.  Amazon resurrected this 700 page saga and made it a bestseller.  How lucky am I?  I am grateful to the brilliant Jeff Bezos for giving writers a friendly and welcoming outlet for their books.  I am particularly grateful to my editor, Jodi Warshaw, who found me, the needle, in the huge haystack that is Amazon.

Imagine, if you can, me in a mid afternoon sugar fog, trying to decipher that initial e-mail from Amazon with the subject line: Interest in Daughters.  As I've written before, I thought someone wanted to marry my daughter.  I thought, how sweet, they are asking for her hand in an e-mail.

Early last year, I sold Amazon a new novel, Fortune's Daughters.   Again Jodi Warshaw held my hand through an arduous editing process and the outcome is being published today.  When I post in this blog, I try to offer up humor and silliness, but I can't think of anything funny today.

I know many of you have pre-purchased Fortune's Daughters and will receive it today.  Please consider leaving a short review on the Amazon site.  The review can be as simple as:  I enjoyed this book.   Reviews are the lifeblood of all books and I need your help.


Thank you to so many of my e-friends: both Carolyns, Diane, Carlaray, Mark Williams, Peggy Muller, Carol, Rod Sharp, Jeff, Sandra, Sandy, both Mollys, Michael, Susannah, Amanda Brett (we go way back), Maria, Denise, Sherry, Elizabeth (the faithful), Ruth, Paula, Meredith, Amy, Carol O., Andy, MamaRobot, Alexandra, Carin, Cheryl, Charles, Barbara S. Sandra T, Nicco, Anne, JoBeth, Kacy, Lisa Y., Neva, L.C Evans (dearest friend), C. J, Pamela, Kathleen (admiration), Chris, Mel, Linda P., Charlotte, Dona (copywriting roomie), Jane, Liz,  among many, many others.


  1. I have been waiting for this day, though not nearly as excitedly as you, I'm sure. You are a great storyteller, and I can't wait to settle in and read this one!

  2. Hello,

    Sorry to bother you. I hope this sees you well.

    I am a doctorate student researching historical fiction on the Ottoman Empire, and Three Daughters is one of the texts I am analyzing. I would like to shed some light on the authors I am referencing; as such, I would appreciate if you could provide me with some info about you, and more about how you came to write Three Daughters, etc.

    Jessica xx

    1. My paternal grandparents lived in the village of Ramallah during and after the Ottomans were in power. The story of Three Daughters is loosely based on their lives (to a point.) My grandfather did serve in the Turkish army and did lose the sight of one eye. If you need more information write to me consuelo.baehr@gmail.com