Sunday, May 7, 2017

Leave a review on Amazon today for an author you love

My new novel, Fortune's Daughters, publishes on Tuesday, May 9.  If you read it and like it, please consider leaving a short review.  I would be so grateful.

Many readers  who would not hesitate to write a dissertation, freeze up when it comes to reviewing a book.  The manifesto below should take some of the mystique out of the process.
Amazon's review system has some of the wild, wild west about it.  Readers say all sorts of things:  
This book sucks.  I fell asleep every time I tried to read it so I gave up.  I loved this book but hated the ending so much I'm giving it one star.  Haven't cooked dinner all week, can't put this book down. 
The chapters were all mixed up and some were missing.
 My book, Three Daughters, has received almost 2300 reviews and they run the gamut of emotion. I recently received a review that said, This is the best book I've ever read and the reader gave me one star.  She thought one star was the best.
I love that review because it is honest and the reader did her best.

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