Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Grey Lady gets a good scolding. (sort of).

I'm going to recommend a really good blogger.  Her name is Pat Holt and she has had every job you can have in the book world:  editor, publicity, etc. Pat is very smart and she analyzes current events as they relate to books and the publishing revolution. You finish one of her posts  and feel that you know the ripples that lead to the very heart of what happened. She always makes me feel smarter.  This week her post has to do with the recent shenanigans at the Paper of Record.  The Grey Lady.

Here's the link to Holt Uncensored:

I also highly recommend Pat's post on Donna Tartt's current book, The Goldfinch that won this year's Pulitzer. She made me understand why I loved it and why I was puzzled at parts of it and why I was sorry when it ended 700+ pages later.   Pat will explain it all to you.  It was a long book and I've heard people say, "I didn't finish.  I lost interest."  That to me is like saying, "I was watching this baby tossed out of a burning building while a fireman waited to catch him but I didn't stay for the whole thing. I lost interest."  How could you stop reading The Goldfinch??????

Here's the thing about why Pat always leaves you better off than she found you.  You hear about a news item and you sort of get what happened but there are a lot of little question marks that you'd like answered but not enough to pursue it further.  I wanted to know more about the female editor of the New York Times who was fired - there was a lot of nuance surrounding that story but little hard context.  Pat supplies the context and although she might not have answered my particular questions she gave me a broader and better understanding of what took place.  Whereas before I was disturbed by what happened.  After reading Holt Uncensored I was mad and disgusted.

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