Thursday, May 16, 2013

We're hungry!

Students in schools across America are protesting the smaller lunches brought on by the government’s push to offer healthier fare in the cafeteria.

They took out chicken nuggets this year, which I’m not too happy about, said a junior at Jessup High in upstate New York. 

I want my baked ziti, wailed Cindy McCarthy in Lovelace, Texas.  I loved the baked ziti and now they only give you a tiny bit because they fill up the plate with some lame broccoli. 

What are school lunches for except to get the junk food you can’t get at home.  Come on, I want all of my tater tots, cried one student.  I loved the tater tots and now it’s like four.

The principal said:  There’s one third less turkey in the turkey sandwich.  What’s wrong with turkey?

The cafeteria suppliers said: This is a bonanza to grow the bottom line.  We give them less food.  We charge more money with the blessing of the government. 

A freshman at Tinker Valley High said: They’ve ruined it.  What happened to Pizza Thursday?

The yearbook club said: We’re hungry.  We can’t get through the day.  We won’t stand for this.  We’ll boycott the food and bring lunch.

The computer club made a video showing students fainting in the halls from hunger. 

They couldn’t even crawl into the Principal’s office without taking a nap on the way.

I say:  As in all things governmental, idiocy rules.

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