Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just leave it to the subconscious

In my recent divesting mania I came upon an old tattered unknown book that has been waiting for discovery in an attic nook for twenty years:  The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol.  I turned to a page with the corner turned down and decided to share what it said.
 I offer this excerpt because it made sense to me. I believe that the worn and dog-eared playbook we stuck in our subconscious has been the blueprint for our lives but the good news is, we can still edit, add to it and hit publish at any time. 

“Desire is the generating power of all human action and without it no one can get very far.  The keener, the more urgent the desire, the sooner the consummation.  So you must start out with desire, keeping in mind with the magic of believing you can obtain what you picture in your mind’s eye.
So let’s get down to the mechanics.  Secure three or four index cards.  In a private room, sit down and ask yourself what you desire above everything else.  When the answer comes and you are certain that it is your uppermost desire, then at the top of one card write a word picture of it.  One or two words may be sufficient - a job, a better job, more money, a home of your own (or something small).  Then on each card duplicate the word picture on the original card.  Place the cards in your wallet, beside your bed, on the bathroom mirror, on your desk.  The idea is to enable you to mentally picture at all hours of the day.  Just before sleep and upon arising are important moments of thoughts.  The more you can visualize the desire, the speedier the materialization. 
You need not concern yourself with how the results are to come.  Just leave it to the subconscious mind which has its own ways of making contacts and opening doors and avenues that you may never have thought of.  You will receive assistance from the most unexpected sources.  You will find that ideas useful in the accomplishment of your program will come at the most unexpected times.  You may be suddenly struck with an idea of seeing a person you have never seen before.  You may get the idea of writing a letter or making a telephone call.  Whatever the idea is, follow it.”

Note:  If you decide to give it a try, do not, I repeat do not, talk about it. Also, don’t make a big deal out of the process or the outcome. Many of you might quibble with the word ‘magic.’  On the first page, the author (who was a financial editor at a big Los Angeles newspaper, says this:  “I realized that I had run across something workable but didn’t consider it then, neither do I now, as mystical except in the sense that it is unknown to the majority of people.”


  1. i've always been afraid to want. it was a cheap shortcut--if i didn't want then i couldn't be disappointed. but you know how that bites you in the end. so for the past few years, i've been eding my way towards want and desire. dare i write it down?

    1. The bottom line is you are where you want to be. I'm finding I un-want these days. Just happy to think my thoughts and see what happens.

  2. (make that edging, not eding) sheesh