Saturday, February 16, 2013

I have to make a terrible confession.

Me:  I see my cable bill is higher this month.  Of all my monthly bills, this is one of the highest except for the heating bill.

Cable Guy: Let me look at your bill and see where we can get it lower.

Me: Thank you.  Yes, I’d like it lower.

Cable Guy:  You already subscribe at the basic level the only thing I could do is downgrade family cable to econo but you’d give up a few channels. 

Me:  That’s ok.  I only watch a few channels anyway.  Channel Thirteen, PBS and maybe ABC and The History Channel also the Home and Garden Channel.  Which ones would I lose?

Cable Guy: Bravo, Animal Planet, Comedy Central, A&E, E,

Me: Here’s where I have to come clean.  I have to make a terrible confession.  I watch Bravo.  I watch some of the Housewives shows.

Cable Guy:  I know.  Me, too.  I watch the Housewives shows.

Me: Oh, you do?  What’s wrong with us?  Maybe I should stop watching for a week and then call you back and see if I can get along without Bravo.  It would probably be good for me.

Cable Guy:  Ok.  Or I could let you talk to a manager and maybe they could do something for you.

Me:  Ok.

Manager:  How can I help you?

Me:  I need to lower my cable bill to where it was because I just can’t pay another penny.  It’s my second biggest bill after the fuel bill.

Manager:  Le me see what I can do.  I see it’s 140.  I can get it down to 112. and give you free Showtime and Starz plus DVR capability.

Me:  You can get it down to 112 and I’m not going to lose anything and I’m going to get more channels? I can do that.  I really don’t need the DVR.  I wouldn’t know how to use it anyway.

Manager:  You have to take the whole deal.  That’s the way this promotion is packaged.  You’ll use it.   

Me.  Uh.  Ok. 

Manager:  Pay your bill and you’ll see the discount on your next bill.

Me.  Thank you. 

Blogger's Note:  I stopped watching Wheel of Fortune a long time ago but a recent "click-by" filled me with nostalgia. The puzzle category was: Artist and Song.  The puzzle had  I   -a-k the -in- by Johnny Cash.  I'll solve, said the contestant:  "I make the wine" by Johnny Cash.  Remember the woman who had  -ettisburg Address showing and guessed; The Bettysburg Address?  


  1. oh man, i make the wine. what the? how the? i got rid of cable and bought rabbit ears so my tv could pick up a total of six stations. to get the 6th station requires aluminum foil and someone standing just so in front of the living room window.

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