Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Go Cedric!

I’m interested in Cedric, the Entertainer. Here is someone who had the naïveté or the gall to attach what he wanted to be to his name and pouf - he was it.  It’s as if I called myself Consuelo the Heiress and hired a butler and moved into a deluxe apartment in the sky (still sad about Sherman Helmsley).

Before Cedric was the Entertainer, he was Cedric the Insurance Claims Adjuster and Cedric the High School Substitute Teacher.  I’m sure his mother must have asked one day, “Do you want to be a substitute for the rest of your life?”
“No.  The kids don’t respect a substitute.”
“What would you rather be?”
“An entertainer.   I want to entertain people.”
Now here’s where I have to believe that Cedric’s mother must have been a can-do sort of woman because her response must have been. “Well then be that.  Be Cedric the Entertainer.”

In case you don’t believe this sort of career scenario can succeed, Cedric not only won the Comic of the Year award from BET in 1994 but he was included in the St. Louis Walk of Fame.  His star is located at 6166 Delmar.

In 2008 everyone thought Cedric had died and David Race of Celebrity Eulogy gave a eulogy for him.  You can see it on U-Tube.  It was as if he was so generic and interchangeable that it didn’t matter what black comic died so they picked Cedric instead of Bernie Mac who really had died and had a real last name.

Cedric has a long list of credits and is never out of work.  He was the voice of Golly the Goose in Charlotte’s Web and has had several successful sit-coms.  In a June 21, 2011 interview, Cedric confirmed his latest reality game show, It’s Worth What?

Unfortunately, as of Spring 2012, the show will not be renewed. Never mind, Cedric is now starring in a new sit-com on TVLand called The Soul Man.

Cedric the Entertainer has so much money he has a charitable Foundation. That means he has so much extra money he has to find an alternate entity to use some of it otherwise it would get out of control.  Or something like that.

Go Cedric!

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