Thursday, July 19, 2012

Goodnight Moon for Grandma (again)

(whenever a visitor to the blog looks up an old post, I re-read it and give it another shot.  Is this a lazy way to run a blog.? Yes but it's been over ninety degrees for far too long in East Hampton.)

In a small white room
There was a queen bed
And a cream Panama hat
And a picture of vegetables from a farmer that’s fat
And a Wonder Pets song stuck in a head
And a slippery quilt too small for the bed
And two ponytail bands and Burt’s Salve for the hands
And two socks on the floor, and Crocs by the door
And some Tylenol gels and some lavender smells
And some thoughts of the heart
And some thoughts of not smart
And creaks in the wall where mice like to crawl
And a drawer that’s a mess and a voice whispering “less.”

Goodnight room. Goodnight moon
Goodnight hat and the farmer that’s fat
Goodnight song that’s stuck so long
Goodnight socks and goodnight Crocs
Goodnight chapped hands and ponytail bands
Goodnight gels and goodnight smells
Goodnight fears and goodnight tears
Goodnight heart and woman not smart
Goodnight creaks and goodnight mess
Goodnight all voices whispering “less.”


  1. i'm glad for the repost- how is that for a lazy reader avid fan?

    the slants and depth of poetry in this can take me to my knees.