Monday, May 7, 2012

Sounds crazy but I think it works, part two

The post about the tapping therapy has received hundreds of views and the numbers grow every day.  I’m guessing many people want to get rid of personal boo boos and they don’t want to do it the lengthy way on a shrink’s couch.

One of the discoveries I made a couple of days after I used tapping for another problem is that I have a history of setting a limit on how much success is due me.  This new insight came out of solving the old problem and that’s what prompted me to revisit this subject and share it in this post.  Changing in one arena means you can’t continue to act in the old way in another arena.  The rule must be (I’m guessing here) that consistency rules in nature.  There’s a book titled “Change One Thing” that implies the same rule.

I don’t have certification for dispensing advice of any kind.  I have no formal training for anything except what I have learned through observation and obsessive devotion to cracking the mystery of why I act the way I do and get the results I get.  I’m a big fan of the quick fix and highly suspicious of conventional wisdom.  Conventional wisdom is often lazy wisdom except when it warns you not to jump from high places.

I’m going to use tapping on this new insight.  It will take some quiet thinking to formulate a precise “problem phrase” but that’s part of the process.

If you would like more posts on this subject, let me know.  If you have some success with tapping, leave a comment. 

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