Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Humans still rule

In their e-mail suggestions, here’s what the Amazon bots think would make me salivate and rush to purchase.

Select luggage set of three
A camping tent
Tora, tora, tora, Blu-ray movies under $10 
Infant Sleep Sheep Four Soothing Sounds From Nature
Nikon 1 camera
Athletic outdoor apparel
14 carat gold earrings for pierced ears
Red sandals
A Black and Decker weed wacker
Popular Science magazine
Hugo dvd
Earth’s Best baby food
4 channel digital video recorder with Smartphone viewing and a 4 pro 550 camera

I know that the actuary tables used by insurance companies probably know exactly what day I will die and my credit card bills give an accurate autobiographical outline of my life choices, but Amazon has me confused with a traveling salesman with a penchant for outdoor living , a new baby who’s not sleeping through the night and a wife who just had a birthday.

That’s why even though bots are getting smarter and humans are getting dumber, humans still rule.

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