Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eye-popping autobiographical tidbits on Jeopardy

More compelling than the hideosity of hearing Alex Trebek overpronounce Nicaragua, are the eye-popping autobiographical tidbits Alex elicits from the contestants.

Alex: Something strange happened to you at the grocery store?
Contestant:  Yes, I went to get a loaf of bread but when I got home and looked in the bag, I had bought a pound of bacon instead.
Me:  This is so hilarious, I am going to root for you to win.

Alex:  I hear you did something daring up in the air?
Contestant:  Yes, Alex. I took my girlfriend up to the rooftop of my building and proposed.
Me:  I’ve never heard of anything more original.  I hope she said yes.

Alex: Tell us what happened when you visited the Louvre (calm down, Alex. Yes, it’s a French word.)
Contestant:  I was in the Manet section of the Louvre and had a coughing fit and I  couldn’t stop and had to go outside.
Me:  Oh, how embarrassing.  I bet it made Le Monde

Alex:  Did you get more than you bargained for from the dry cleaner?
Contestant: I went to pick up my three-piece suit but when I got it home and unwrapped it, I had a woman’s taffeta cocktail sheath with a deep-v neckline and two rows of flounce at the hem.
Alex:  And you had to take it back?
Contestant: No.  I kept it.  I tried it on and really liked it.  I wear it on week-ends.
Me:  Finally.  Something interesting.

On the e-publishing front, I want to report that sales and knowledge keep increasing. I got off of my high horse and reduced one of my novels to 0.99 and it began selling briskly.  I don't make much money but it might help the book climb a bit on the Amazon lists.  One of the helpful tools I've stumbled upon is a free program called Calibre.  Calibre will convert pdf's, rtf's and html files into mobi (for the Kindle) or epub (for the Nook and other e-readers) and will even solve some formatting issues along the way.  Calibre is my new best friend.  On the charity front: I've helped two other authors get onto the Amazon selling train.  On the happiness front:  I have not been this happy in a long time.  Three adorable grandchildren and a bunch of new friends on the Kindleboards.  Life is good.

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