Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bob and Annie, Harvey and Eve and Lew Frankfort

I found this excerpt in one of my books.  The information is from a few years back but it perfectly illustrates how most of us feel that a new residence will imbue us with a new life.  Outside of the quote from the NY Times, the rest of this "allegedly" happened.
The New York Times Real Estate Section
“Lew Frankfort’s apartment at the Beresford just got a little bigger.  Last year, the Chairman of Coach, the leather goods company, bought a four-story apartment that extends into one of the three towers in the Emery Roth designed landmark at Central Park West and 81st.  The seller was Bob Weinstein, a co-founder of Miramax Films.
After a gut renovation, Mr. Frankfort successfully petitioned the co-op board to allow him to buy an unused space above his apartment  - “a sort of grand attic with ceilings near the tower’s top.
The room, although only accessible through an internal staircase in the Frankfort apartment belonged to the building.  While Mr. Weinstein owned the apartment, he had been cautioned that if he wanted to use the room, he’d have to buy it.  Mr. Weinstein was not interested although the new owner found a basketball hoop on the wall.”
Bob. Weinstein had moved on in many ways.  No longer associated with Miramax, he and his brother, Harvey, had begun the eponymous Weinstein Company. Out of the gate, they had six films ready to go including Derailed, a thriller with Jennifer Aniston who, The New York Times said in passing, was “not up to the task of putting us on the edge of our seats.”  Harvey, like his brother, had also vacated his apartment in a divorce settlement (a duplex that joined another seven room apartment on the second level).
       The three men, Lew Frankfort, who had just ranked sixth in compensation in his category and the Weinstein Brothers who had severed their ties with Disney and their apartments, were all trading spaces. Lew Frankfort was rewarding himself with one of the Beresford tower apartments - akin to setting up housekeeping in the Sistine Chapel.   The Weinstein brothers perhaps were done with wainscoting and crown moldings and would jump into minimalism.  Their new personas were already waiting for them in their new places.  Harvey, for one thing, had stopped eating candy.  It was reported in an interview that the sugar laden M&M’s he had snacked on during the day had possibly been responsible for his angry outbursts. 

      Here's news on the e-book business. Smashwords as you might remember is my distributor to all other e-readers that are not Kindles.  Smashwords only reports sales every six weeks or so.  I was astonished to find out this morning that I had sold 31 books over at Sony.  As I've said before, that's the beauty and the mystery of  a virtual bookstore.  Things happen and you will never know why.


  1. Hi, I am thinking that this might be the apartment that you refer to in the Beresford - the southwest tower. Cheers Nicco


    1. Nico, I don't know why I never responded to this fascinating comment - thanks for reading the blog and thanks for the extra effort of leaving a trace of having been here. Cheers to you.