Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm afraid of my age.

What is the cut off point where we blithely put down our age on an application without a  sense of rue  that we may be too old to be considered for something?  Is it twenty-two?  I'm afraid of my age.  I'm afraid of saying it out loud.  It's not as if my age is  my fault. It's not something that I brought on through carelessness. It doesn't matter that I have many young friends or that my legs still look pretty good or that I still have my original hips and knees and teeth (well, one inplant). 
 The Greek philosopher Zeno  contended that time (motion)  isn't a feature of the outer, spatial world, but rather a conception of thought?  Experiments  suggests that Zeno was right.  Scientists demonstrated the quantum equivalent of the adage that "a watched pot doesn't boil." This behavior, the "quantum Zeno effect," turns out to be a function of observation. "It seems,"said physicist Peter Coveney, "that the act of looking at an atom prevents it from changing".   
Oh, Zeno, Zeno, Zeno.  If what you say is true, please look at me.  
On a brighter note, this blog is growing in viewership.  On my "stats" page it shows not only the source of my viewership (what site prompts someone to link to the blog) but also the country of origin.  I have viewers from Malaysia, South Korea, 9 from Thailand, 3 from Singapore and half a dozen other countries.  Google is truly the big brother we were told about.

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