Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boneless center cut pork loin, Sale $1.49 lb.

I separate women into two categories: those who roast and those who only saute.  For no good reason, I think of the former as capable and grown up and the latter as . . . not quite grown up.   I'm in the second group yet yesterday, I bought the pork loin on sale.  It had a sign that said Look! and the o's were made into eyes with long lashes so I decided this must be a real coup.  Right in the meat aisle, there were two middle-aged women chatting and I asked them how to cook the pork loin.   They knew exactly what to do.  In the oven at about 325 well seasoned and surrounded by vegetables. "It's only 1.49,"  I said and they rewarded me with "wow's." Momentarily,  I was absorbed into their safe grown up world.  "I'm going to buy two and freeze them," said one.  More validation.

I love getting advice from my sisters in the supermarket.  I sometimes go to the IGA on Wednesdays, senior discount day, to see all the ladies in a group.  I look at what they buy.  Cheer for dark clothes? Oh, yes, dearie, it's good for the black things. Cornmeal? Canned button mushrooms? Soup greens? Any one of them would tell you exactly what to do with anything you wanted to cook or with any other domestic problem:  how to clean silver, how to get stains out, how to get rid of mice, thumb sucking.  Anything. I think what I really love is the instant intimacy with no strings attached.  It's like drive-by comfort waiting for me any time I need it.

As for my e-book business, here's what happened yesterday:  I wrote a guest blog for a successful writer with a big following. She liked the blog and it will run in early Dec.   I asked her to promote my book, Best Friends, instead of Daughters.  That is progress.  Also, out of the blue, an entity named "Act 3" gave me a four star review for Nothing To Lose and sales for that title improved. All in all, a good day.

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