Sunday, November 7, 2010

Read a sample of my book Nothing To Lose

Okay. Stats tell the story.  After several weeks of blogging with growing but very modest pageviews, the stats graph went sky high (well, to the top of the page) when I offered a free sample of one of my books.  This week, I will offer a free sample of Nothing To Lose, a novel I wrote about a wonderful fat girl who works as a copywriter in a department store selling softgoods (a retailing term).
The stats also tell you where your views are coming from.  Some of the views for my blog are coming from the Huffington Post where I occasionally comment.  I love to comment in the Huffington Post because most of their stories are very serious and my comment is more relaxed.  Still they let me in and last week I commented on an academic treatise about the brain attributed to people who are probably nobel laureates. My comment included the following: "I was relieved to find from watching a PBS special that just by jiggling (yes, poking mildly back and forth) on a part of the brain, you can stop circular thinking that makes you obsess on why the bank teller calls you by your first name as if they've known you socially and had you over.  It turns out all you have to do is jiggle that brain spot and say: "This isn't real, just cut it out!"  It makes the brain sound like a toddler that you have to treat with tough love." I also put in the comment that surprisingly (according to a New Yorker article), one of the early signs of Alzheimer's  is the inability to recognize sarcasm. So when I visit my 99 year old mother I will say: "That pink agora top is perfect with the lime green chevron patterned slacks."  When she answers, "the girls dress me," I know everything is okay.   That comment elicited four blog views connected to that article.  Thank you Kelly DeVine for your wonderful marketing tips.
Hope you like Nothing To Lose.  

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