Thursday, December 7, 2017

Look what I got last night.

Amazon has translated Fortune's Daughters into German and last night I got a boxful of paperbacks in the German language.

If you follow this blog and read in German I would be happy to send an autographed  paperback to the first five people who request it.

if you have a relative who reads in German and would like to give the novel as a gift, that would be fine, too.  Leave name and mailing address.  

I am ever grateful for followers.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Oh, and Merry Festivus, too.


  1. I have just finished reading the Kindle book, «Schwestern des Schicksals». I am deeply impressed by the writing style of Consuelo. And I took an inward part in the profound, intense emotional streams. I still want to read many books by Consuelo, also in French. – How can I get an autograph?

    1. Franz, I just saw your comment and was touched by your response to the book. None of my other books have been translated into German however they are all available for the kindle in English. Plese send me your address and a stamped return envelope and I will mail you an autographed copy of Schwestern des Schicksals.