Thursday, January 19, 2012

Have this blog delivered to your device. Whaaaat?

If you have too much money and/or are so busy that you would like these posts delivered to your phone or pad or other device without you having to give it a thought, you can subscribe to The Repurposed Writer: on the Kindle Blogs. Amazon does the pricing and at first, they put it at 1.99 a month. Recently they reduced it to 0.99 per month.

Is it worth it seeing as you can get it for free right here or by e-mail? Probably not. I have a few subscribers. Oh, and there's a two week free subscription period if you just want to try it out.

This is my best hard sell so let's see if it works. I tried to embed a link into this post, but it didn't work but you can click on the title to the right under "Consuelo's books."


  1. Given my posts come with lots of images that wouldn't transfer to the old Kindle devices I've never given this much thought as an option.

    And as you say, why? It's free anyway?

    Then again, so is water, yet people still pay crazy prices to buy it in bottles.

    Who knows, maybe the idea that "free" ebooks deter some buyers, who assume free equals low quality, will also views blogs that way.

    You could be on to a winner!

    1. You've analyzed the situation perfectly.

      I've always wanted to have a syndicated column and came close several times. The Kindle subscription option is a good substitute.