Sunday, December 19, 2010

CVS: entered innocent, left a pro

I entered CVS early one Tuesday to buy batteries. The circular said the CVS AA batteries were BOGO (buy one get one free). I put two in the basket.  Palmolive liquid was also BOGO. I put two in the basket.  I needed laundry detergent and scent-free All had a one dollar reward.  Bought two ALL  and put in the basket.  Put one regular Clorox in the basket.  Scott t. paper was on sale. Put package of 12 in the basket. 

I passed an innocent looking red machine that said: instant coupons.  I showed it my CVS rewards card and it spit out: $2 any detergent coupon, $2 any CVS brand item coupon, $3 any Scott item coupon.  Added to my $2 reward from my detergent, I now had $9 in cash equivalent plus two BOGO items that totaled about $4.  This is how I worked it:  I used the $3 Scott coupon to buy my “on sale” toilet paper. I used the $2.00 CVS brand coupon to buy one of my two CVS AA batteries, 2.99 (the other was free because of BOGO).  I bought one All with the $2 detergent coupon and used the All $1 reward for the Clorox.  I got back in line and bought the second All and used the $1 reward to buy one of the Palmolive liquid .99 (the second one was free because of BOGO.

This is why I’m not further along.

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