Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cash Cab, The Holiday, Legally Blonde and Gone With The Wind

In my new e-book venture, I’m often asked to do a profile page. One of the questions is about favorite film, tv show or book. I should put down, The Brothers Karamazov, Casablanca and Nova. I have read or seen all three.  Why then do I prostrate myself on the altar of self-destruction and put down: Legally Blonde, Cash Cab and Gone With The Wind?
Ben Bailey is the quizmaster and driver of Cash Cab.  Ben looks and dresses like your handyman.  He wears a hoodie that says New York on it.  He’s bald and has a big friendly face. Ben, unlike Wink Martindale, is a philosopher.  When the fares leave the cab, winners or losers, he’ll say something like:  There they go to drink and carouse in the caverns of Soho with their four hundred and fifty dollars.  Or he’ll say.  That was terrible.  That was the worst.   
I always wonder if the smart one who had all the answers resents splitting the money?

Legally Blonde:  I have studied screenwriting and even wrote a screenplay and Legally Blonde is one of the best constructed screenplays that I know of. (Two others are:  Driving Miss Daisy and Fatal Attraction).  The writing chugs to its destination without a false step.  It hits all of our “feel good” spots. The pacing is perfect.  One of the cable channels frequently airs this movie and if I come upon it, I watch it .
The Holiday is not my own favorite but the favorite of many executives in the film business.  Yes, you heard right. 

Gone With The Wind does not need my defense.  It is awesome. I quote Mammy whenever I can:  “It ain’t fittin’.  It just ain’t fittin’” “Miss Scarlett, you done had a baby and your waist ain’t gonna be twenty-two inches ever again.”

We won’t dwell on Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune except for two examples. 
1.The hidiosity of Alex over-pronouncing anything French.  
2. Once a contestant on Wheel had about $30,000 at stake and the puzzle showed all of Gettysburg except the G; and all of Address and the contestant said quizzically “Bettysburg Address?”  Who would want to miss that?


  1. The Brothers Karamazov, Casablanca and Nova. I have read or seen all three.