Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Suborning: that's when you have your baby in a submarine.

We hear these new awkward words every day.  Our drunk uncle tells 
us what they mean.

Collusion:  This is when I’m driving and a dentist in a 
Range Rover crashes into me.

Perjury:  That’s where you go to throw up when you have an 
eating disorder

Suborning:  That’s when you have your baby in a submarine

Subpoena:  That’s the green soup I don’t like. 

 Delegitimize:  That’s when you try to delete something by resizing it 
in a minescule font so nobody can read it.

Dossier:  That’s when you can't stay awake during Roma.

Fisa!   That stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act   
That’s some serious sh*t.

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