Monday, January 25, 2016

I'm not dead.

Today I checked my blog and saw that I had lost three subscribers.  I don't blame those subscribers.  I've been absent since August.

Here's what is going on.

Deadline.  Manuscript I owe to Amazon is almost done two or three weeks +/-

There are so many things I need to write about:

1. Trump (and not in a negative way and I'll tell you why)
2. When Giada visited Ina (Not one sincere/interesting/instructive word.  No cross cooking please Food Network)
3. Why Tina Fey's Sarah Palin bit no longer works. (same reason Trump is on the rise)
4. What happened to Hilary???????
5.  What happened to Bill??????
6. When Steve Harvey called the wrong winner and the important life lesson.
7.  What happened to Marco Rubio?  So cute. So articulate. But this time we hate cute and articulate.
8.  Jada's whining about the Oscars.
9.  The childish hubris of the media in that first Rep debate and Ted Cruz's finest and possibly last hour.
10. The fantastic train wreck that was Ben Carson.  Remember at the Nelson Mandela funeral when the "signer" for the hearing impaired was signing nonsense not real words?  Dr. Carson reminds me of that.  So much un-funeral stuff went down at Mandela's funeral.  That was the time Obama and the prime minister of Denmark? were sort of flirting and taking selfies and Michelle was giving them the side eye.
11.  Why repeating something (even a lie) over and over works.   

Lots of other stuff.  Please don't leave.  I'll be back.



  1. How can any sane person write about Trump "not in a negative way"?

    Watch out, Tom Cruise. Conseulo is writing the new Mission Impossible script!

    1. Oh Mark, I have a really good answer - but it takes time to develop it well.
      Love hearing from you

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