Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Snap Out of It" or The Power of One

Yesterday I noticed the number of my blog followers had increased by one.  Hey, I said to this invisible new arrival, I was just about to stop posting and then you hopped on the bus full of expectations. 

Here's how it has been in that quagmire known as my frontal lobe where I keep my rotational thoughts - you know the ones: I need to go to the dentist but I'm afraid he's going to throw me and my crazy teeth out.  The deck has a rotting floorboard and someone's leg might go through? I still haven't plugged in the air purifier because I can't see the settings and somehow I think I'm incapable of putting on a light.   

Turn me on, you nitwit

You complete me.  Unfortunately.

That Fit Bit I was overjoyed to receive is just lying there and the little feet are still.   

Talk to me.

    Why am I napping so much?    The new mic I was overjoyed to receive is just    lying there gathering dust. I started learning about podcasts in September.

My blog is just lying there.  I haven't done a new post in days.  What do I have to post about anyway? Maybe I'll just stop posting.  I'll go look at my stats and see how many visitors I've had besides the Russian porn sites that visit me regularly. (By the way, there's nothing you can do about these trolls infesting your blog.)

Yesterday, my new blog follower slapped me hard with an open palm and said,  "Snap out of it!"  When I'm in this state, I always think of Cher in Moonstruck where, in her typical Cher way, she slaps Nicolas Cage to startle him off his self-indulgent, transitory emotional streak.

I think that will do it. 
Thank you, new follower.  The slap hurt a little but it did the trick.


  1. I discovered you through Amazon Prime and hope you get paid when I check books out there. If not I'll buy them all. Loved Three Daughters, working my way through the rest. Keep writing!

    1. Your timing is fabulous. I needed a satisfied customer this morning. Thank you for taking the time to write. I lived in Seattle for one year and worked at the Seattle Film Festival with my friend, Darryl McDonald. Wonderful exoerience.

  2. I'm not sure my comment was published previously, I loved "Three Daughters" as much as I'd loved any book for eons....thank you for being a writer!

    1. Teresa - welcome. I've got your comment now and thank you for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed Three Daughters. Sometimes, in my head, I will be reminded of certain scenes: Miriam and Nadia walking near the fruit groves on their way to Jerusalem. It makes me want to walk for days in the heat of the desert and just see what thoughts come to me. Teresa, your comment means everything to me. Thank you.