Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Revenge of Chucky

You know how weird things happen and you don't know why?  My blog has decided to take charge of things and is now sending out random older posts without my knowledge or permission.

What did I just hear you say?  Maybe I hit something or did something or blew on something in a senior moment and brought this on myself?  Yes I am in a daze because the Polar Vortex has paused long enough for a day of sun and warmth but I would remember intentionally seeking out an older post.

Here's where it gets interesting.  The blog selected an entry from December titled "A Medically Induced Concussion," a post that talked about miraculous abilities brought on by accidental concussions.

Perhaps my blog had an accidental concussion and now has the ability to do anything it wants without my intervention.  I would be more than happy to be the owner of a self-propelling blog because in truth, I agonize over every post.  Often I have poster's remorse and wish I could take everything back.  But I am more afraid of Chucky's intentions than I am of making a fool of myself by divulging my inner thoughts.

If you continue to get old entries and I have to shut this blog down, please don't abandon me. I will spring up again in some other place and get in touch.  I really like writing this blog.  I am devoted to all of the like-minded friends I've made over four years.  Fingers crossed it's just an aberrant glitch that will sort itself out.

Behave yourself, Chucky.


  1. I thought your blog was rather active lately. Funny thing is, I got the accidental concussion post, remembered reading it before, and happily read it again. I loved that one. Don't worry, if Chucky continues his exploits, I'm sure we'll all stick around. Perhaps we'll luck out and he'll send us that tabouli recipe again. I keep meaning to make that.

  2. don't go away! where would i my stars get realigned if you go away? meanwhile, i've sent you a private facebook message to see if you'd agree to a writing blog project.

    1. I saw that but didn't know what to do with it although I did read the other links.