Saturday, April 13, 2013

What do you want for godsakes?

(Warning:  I'm going to ramble about this and that)

What do you want for godsakes?
The other day I said to myself:  What do you want for godsakes?  I meant it in the larger sense:  What do you really want for godsakes?  I asked it in this exasperated tone because I realized that behind the noise of everyday living, I was ...expectant.  Expectant for what?

One synapse away...
When you are dealing with people that are one synapse away from total insanity, re-set your expectations and finish the transaction as quickly as possible.

The Dictionary of REAL self-improvement
“I know grown-ups, I’ve worked with grown-ups and I’m no grown-up,” I said.
“Word," said my cool friend. "I’m only now beginning to de-assholify myself. You spend your whole life de-assholifying yourself and then you die.”

de-ass-hole-i-fying   v. the act of removing one’s ego centric, dumb ass, immature, delusional, aggrandizing, 12 year old tantrumy tendencies and finally gaining some traction on growing  the f up.   

Identity Fulfillment
Well-known people are introduced by their profession and the most indelible achievement so we can more fully appreciate them.

Lance Armstrong: The cyclist and cancer survivor.
Tom Hanks: The actor and two-time Oscar winner

(Less well known but no less appreciated) 
Fred, the plumber and convicted extortionist.
Delores, the cat lover and certified lunatic
Dwayne, the bookkeeper and double arsonist.

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