Monday, June 11, 2012

Look, Dick, look!

I’m stripping my house down in readiness for repair and painting. I’ll describe the process in the style of a Dick and Jane reading primer.

Look, Dick, look. Look at the empty room.
I see the room, Jane.  The room is empty.
Sit, Dick, sit.
I will sit, Jane.  I will sit on the floor.
Do you remember the pictures Dick?
No, Jane, I don’t remember the pictures.
Do you remember the decorations Dick?
No, Jane, I don’t remember the decorations.
Remember, Dick, remember.
I can’t remember, Jane.
How do you feel in the empty room, Dick?
I feel good in the empty room, Jane.
What do you miss in the empty room, Dick.
I don’t miss anything in the empty room.
What about the others?  What will they say about the empty room?
Others will ask why the room is empty.
What will we tell them, Dick?
We like the empty room.  The others will like it , too.
Oh, Dick.  Funny, funny Dick.


  1. Gosh, I know what you mean! And there's nothing to pick up when the room is empty. The perfect setting for being creative, don't you think? Yes, Dick, yes.

  2. Exactly. Maybe one comfortable easy chair and a good plain lamp. Ah, that would be joy. I'd let the guest have the chair. (If anyone came to see the 'crazy lady' who lived in the empty room.

  3. I am picturing you, arms outstretched, twirling in your empty room like Julie Andrews on a mountain top.

    1. Emptying a room is a liberating event. I'm so afraid of filling it too much again.