Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just tell me what you want

When I was a few years out of college and already living in New York, I went to a series of lectures given by a man named Neville, an Englishman from Barbados who told us simply and with total conviction that if you wanted something all you had to do to get it was to enact an imaginary scene that implied you already had the thing you wanted.  Today, there are a slew of glitzy, mass marketed books with a similar message and one of them, “The Secret,” was a huge best seller.
Neville’s lectures were nothing like these books.  We were a small group and could study his face as he spoke to us.  He would say:  I’ll tell you how to get things, that’s simple.  You are at the stage where that sounds exciting but there is something vastly more exciting. He would then relate mystical experiences that he had lived.  You could see by the fervor for these spiritual transcendences that he only tolerated our pathetic wishes to get a new car or a good boyfriend, etc. as a dull and repetitive gateway to reach us in a deeper way.  The students weren’t as evolved as Neville and lapped up the simple tutorial for getting stuff.
It’s shocking that these many years later, I realize that my main operating philosophy through life has been those simple lessons I learned from Neville. I'm not a stupid, gullible person yet  I’ve never wavered from the idea that almost anything you could want is available if you want it with a burning desire and follow Neville's simple steps:
1.  Identify what you want.  (this is not as easy as it sounds)
2. Be sure you have a burning desire for the object or event.  The reason you need a burning desire has to do with “sticking with the project.” When you want something with a burning desire you don’t dance away and forget it after a couple of days.
3. Create a little scene that you can enact in your head.  Neville used to say: you have to be the director, the author and the producer.  This scene can be a conversation with someone that implies you have achieved your desired outcome.  It is very beneficial to take a walk and have this imaginary conversation as you walk.  You will become “lost” in it.  If you are devoted to the practice, this “conversation” or something very close to it will be outpictured in your life within a reasonable amount of time.
4.  Don’t talk to anyone about what you are doing.  Just do it and keep quiet.
5.  Don’t be impatient.  Impatience implies you don’t really believe you have already achieved what you want to achieve.
6. Don’t speak negatively about your situation.  This is a good rule even if you don’t follow Neville.
7. Be calm about this process.  Don’t treat it as magic or supernatural.  Treat it as a simple exercise devised by the ingenious development team of the Universe to help us along in life.

It’s natural for those reading to ask if I have used this technique successfully.
Three distinct times in my life I have used it with dramatic results. Once in love and twice in career outcomes.   More about this in another blog.  I’d like to elaborate on this technique and examine the times we use this power unintentionally to outpicture long held beliefs that we've never challenged.

If you found this blog useful and wish to hear more about this subject leave a short comment.  I have lots more to say but refrain from foisting it on you if there is no interest.


  1. Tell me more! Tell me more!

  2. Will do a post on this subject soon. Right now getting ready to evacuate. Thanks Carla Rey for your encouraging messages.