Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Twitter Nation, Social Media, Followers and Me

The Internet has made miracles obsolete. The internet is an overreaching miracle. If you Googled “How do you turn water into wine?” you might have 50 or more answers.

Here’s my recent miraculous experience on Twitter.  For several months I had one follower on Twitter.  It was someone related to me. Two Sundays ago, I participated in a group effort suggested by one of the Kindleboard users.  It is called #SampleSunday.  It was his opinion that if we used that hashtag with a link to a sample of our writing on our blog, and if we re-tweeted all other SampleSunday participants, we would have more muscle as a group than if we just tweeted on our own.  
Nine days after beginning #SampleSunday I have 68 followers and the views of my blog have jumped threefold.  I amass more followers every day.
Sample Sunday has given me some insight into my own value system.  Most of the people who choose to follow me are strangers and although I always re-tweet my known colleagues from the Kindleboards, I re-tweet strangers on a case by case system:  I re-tweet the bald, the overweight, the lost cause, the earnest, most females as long as they don’t say “cute” things.  Go figure.
Facebook is a mystery to me.  The new Facebook is an annoyance and a mystery.
Facebook is very good for two things: pix of my grandchildren and connecting with long lost friends.  I have connected with two good friends through Facebook.  Okay three. Oh, wait, four.  I seldom tout my e-books on Facebook.  It just seems tacky.
I could begin another Facebook page for my books but I am overextended as it is.
Just this week, in a fit of solidarity, I signed up for something called digg.  I have a vague idea of what it is but no idea how to use it.

What I know for sure is that reviews sell e-books.  Nothing To Lose has three good reader reviews and it is my bestselling title.  If you’ve read any of my books and feel inclined, please add a review on Amazon.  It needn’t be long.  A couple of sentences will do. You don’t even have to use your own name.  My reviewers  are “luv2read,”
“act3” “L.C. Evans.” You get the idea.

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